OCD V2 - Ona Coffee Distributor WBC Edition

Ona Coffee Distributor

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OCD V2: ONA Coffee Distributor - WBC Edition



OCD V2-Ona Coffee Distributor WBC Edition

This edition of the OCD V2, designed for the 2017 World Barista Championship in Seoul, is lighter than the previous model, more durable and is available in matte black.

Some baristas tamp the coffee grounds without first distributing evenly in the basket, while others will distribute the grounds with the forefinger. Accordingly, results can vary and these irregularities cause uneven density of the coffee in the basket, channeling is the result and the quality of every cup is affected. Using the OCD to distribute the coffee before tamping, eliminates inconsistencies and perfect distribution is achieved every time.

The OCD is able to be adjusted to accommodate the desired dose, has a rough, textured, non-slip design around the sides to provide grip and durability; and is made of brass to eliminate static electricity and grind retention, allowing for more even extraction and a better tasting cup of coffee.

Less channeling & micro-channeling, improper or rushed distribution, is more likely to channel which is disastrous to taste. Micro-channeling is also difficult to visually identify & is more likely to happen with inconsistent or no distribution – the OCD will remove this variable

  • Brass base

  • 18% lighter than OCD V2 Gold

  • Easily adjust heights without a spacer

  • Anti-slippery grip

The Ona Coffee Distributor tool pairs perfectly with the PUQPress Q2 Precision Automatic Coffee Tamper, to maximize barista efficiency and workflow - while providing the most consistent espresso shots - and highlighting the best flavor notes and quality of your coffees. As a bonus, they reduce the wear and tear on the body, alleviating RSI such as tendonitis, Barista Elbow and Barista Wrist, common injuries from over tamping or improper manual tamping techniques. Spend less time training your staff, and more time focused on the quality of your coffee and the experience for your customers!