Current Product Line

Our Product Line:

- PuqPress Q2 - Available in Matte Black and Matte White

- PuqPress M1 (for Mahlkonig) - Available in Matte Black and Matte White

- PuqPress M2 (for Mythos) in Black and White

- Alchemy's Golden Turmeric Elixir (in Original and Unsweetened) and now carrying "Maho" Matcha Elixir, Original Chai Elixir and Energy Chai Elixir

- Reg Barber coffee tampers, customized with your company's logo/brand


PuqPress is one of the fastest growing barista tools in the world!  It is an automatic coffee tamper that offers the latest in precision technology to provide a consistent tamping experience for every espresso shot served.  It’s also easy to clean, much faster than manual tamping, and has a touchscreen to adjust the pressure (20-60 lbs).  So it’s little wonder PuqPress has been a hit with the globally trend-setting Australian specialty coffee industry.

Are There Any Other Benefits?  Yes, your baristas avoid the painful symptoms of ‘Barista Wrist’, 'Barista Elbow' and Tendonitis.  Satisfy your customers and coffee enthusiasts alike with your consistent espresso shots and beverages. Speed up the workflow, which means more efficient baristas and happier customers. Say goodbye to a messy workstation - PuqPress is the backbone of a tidy work space.

You're NOT a robot, and there are many elements to the perfect coffee. Not only do different styles of coffee need different blooming and brewing times, they also require different tamping pressures. You know this…but you’re not a robot, and neither are your baristas. And let’s face it, there’s no point in obsessing over the perfect grind and brewing time if the tamp isn’t right. This is how the PuqPress can help your business, your baristas and your bottom line!

Golden Turmeric Elixir, Imported From Australia:
As the exclusive North American agent of import for Golden Turmeric Elixir, we are excited to offer the product to cafes, coffee roasters, restaurants, juice/smoothie shops, wholesalers, food and beverage distributors, grocery stores and franchises.
Available in Original and Unsweetened varieties, the 33.8 oz. (1L) bottle is perfect for cafes, coffee roasters, restaurants or wholesalers - containing 66 servings per bottle;  the 10.1 oz. (300 mL) is ideal for the home consumer, whether on your retail shelves or online store, yielding 20 servings per bottle.
Golden Turmeric Elixir is: GMO free, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, Vegan (Dairy Free) and contains no artificial flavors or colors. It has a shelf life of one year, and never needs to be refrigerated, even after opening, saving valuable space!  It goes great with juices, smoothies and shakes, and many food recipes too!  
Created from a blend of turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, organic vanilla and Australian raw sugar (in the Original only), it is quick and easy to prepare, and can be served hot or iced.


Please email info@gsdglobaltrading.com for information about our products, distributor opportunities and pricing; or to let us know how we can best meet the needs of your company. We are excited to hear how we can be a part of your business!

Alchemy Cordial (AU)
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Alchemy Cordial (AU)
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Alchemy Cordial (AU)
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Alchemy Cordial (AU)
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