8mL (0.25 oz) Elixir Pump - Black

Alchemy Cordial (AU)

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This 8 ml (0.25 oz) pump makes it easy to dispense our full line of 750ml and 1L Alchemy Elixirs. This plastic syrup pump dispenses 0.25 oz of elixir with each pump, making it easy for business owners and managers to control portioning and costs.

The simple yet dependable design of this pump is perfect for your coffee shop, bar, hotel or restaurant's beverage service, or for your own use at home. It fits securely around the bottles to eliminate leaks, and can be cleaned and reused after each bottle. Make sure that your business or home is stocked with this 0.25 ounce pump for use with any of our Alchemy Superfood Elixirs!

***Note: It can be used with other brands of flavored syrups

Product Highlights: 

Dispenses 8ml (0.25) oz with each pump
Helps control product portioning and save costs
Sturdy and dependable
Quick and easy way to prepare drinks
Great for coffee shops, bars, and cafes