The Puqpress helps a passionate, hospitality-focused young man with a disability become a barista.

Posted by Gregory Davis on

We love to get behind a good deed in our industry, especially when it’s helping a person with a disability so driven by his passion of wanting to become a Barista. 

19-year-old Lachlan Cavallaro has always wanted to be a Barista, but his birth defect of a partly formed arm and hand had restricted him from pursuing his goal. Making espresso coffee has always been a two handed skill and only having one good hand makes it very hard to tamp the coffee into the group handle. This all changed when a new solution was presented to Lechlan by some industry leaders. Café Culture magazine editor Sean Edwards approached Brett Bowell, from Barista Technology, to find out if the new Puqpress Q2 would help the young Barista overcome this obstacle in the espresso making process. Brett went one step further by helping fund a new Puqpress for Lachlan’s workplace at Kew Corner store in NSW Mid North Coast. 

The Kew Corner Owner Staffan Andler has been a big supporter of Lachlan, helping him follow his dream of becoming a Barista, and he was thrilled at this opportunity. Staffan chipped in financial support along with coffee company Peak Coffee to fast track getting the new Puqpress into the café.

Peak Coffee manger Steve Foye trained Lachlan in the use of the Puqpress, which was paired up with a self-dosing Compak grinder, removing the obstacle of requiring both hands for making espresso. Lachlan mastered his techniques in a short time and jumped into the busy café workflow pouring shots. The café does over 300 coffees a day and the morning periods are quite frantic, so the Puqpress was quickly put to the test, and has become a favorite of the staff. Steve and Staffan are looking now at putting a solenoid and switch onto the steam valve so Lachlan can control the milk system on the espresso machine.

Brett Bolwell, owner of Brisbane-based company Barista Technology, supplies many amazing Hi-Tech solutions for the coffee industry. Brett is currently launching “Caffe Assist” which is an auto milk steamer that will revolutionize the milk system in busy cafes. Brett and his team designed the units to handle the busy Australian café workflow, and have several units out in the field to put them through their paces.

It was a real pleasure to see the industry work to solve real life issues, on a local or global level, and opening new career avenues in the coffee industry for people with a similar physical disability.